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posted May 6, 2012, 5:19 PM by Claire Murray   [ updated May 6, 2012, 5:21 PM ]
Hi Claire

I just wanted to let you know how rapt I am with how well Maggie is going after you did her teeth. The difference in her is just amazing, both under saddle and also how she is eating/gaining weight. When I brought Maggie to you she was dropping feed badly, not eating much hay or older grass and wouldn't hold her weight well at all, so she was costing me a fortune in hard feed. Now she is grazing much more, eating her hay happily and not spilling her grain any more and within the week she started to put on weight again.

But the biggest difference has to be under saddle. I gave her a week off like you suggested and was expecting a very feisty strong horse the first time I rode her, but not at all. She was keen and happy to be out, but she was so well behaved and happy and easy to ride and taking contact so much better. None of the resistance to the bit when I asked her to slow down that I have been having lately, and I have gone back to riding her exclusively in the happy mouth now. Whereas lately I had had to resort to a waterford for hacking and XC because she was getting too strong on me. All I can say is she must have been quite sore in her mouth somewhere and now you have done her teeth she is happy again and slows down when asked without the reefing/fighting/resisting she was giving me before. I even felt happy to do the cross country phase at Ferrymead ODE in the snaffle and this involved a lot of cantering downhill and also jumping down hill which I would not have felt happy doing in the snaffle before as I doubt I could have held her without a huge fight and lots of sore muscles the next day. She was an angel and impeccably behaved.

And finally she is working much more happily in outline and staying there, instead of popping and going hollow all the time like she has always done with me before. She is even starting to lift her back a bit which is an absolute first for her. In fact she is going so well we had our first win in the dressage phase at Ferrymead ODE a couple of weeks back. We have been finishing usually just out of the ribbons all season, so to get a win is huge. And the comments from the judges were very complimentary - fairly supple, balanced, and showing good bend. These are comments that we have never got before and this is only 3 weeks after you did her. I can't quite believe the difference in her, but nothing else has changed so I can only put it down to her being much happier in her mouth than she was. I will definitely be back with her next year. So thank you once again. I think I am finally starting to realise the potential I knew was in my horse but have spent the last year struggling to get it out.